UV Filters

If you're going to buy one filter for your camera, you can't go wrong with a UV lens filter, particularly if you shoot outdoors. UV lens filters keep your glass protected from moisture, dirt, scratches and knocks. Plus, a quality UV filter helps to improve image quality, reducing haze and a blueish cast created by strong light. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned photographer, your every UV filter camera need is covered at Gobe.

Choosing the best UV lens filters for cameras

The great thing about a UV camera filter is that you can leave it on your lens at all times. It makes sense then, to opt for a good quality filter, made from premium grade optical glass and a multi-resistant coating. This ensures your lens is getting the maximum protection possible. Additionally, a decent UV lens filter won't harm the quality of your images unlike a cheap, low grade one, which can potentially reduce the sharpness of your images. Deciding on the best lens UV filter depends on your needs as a photographer, at Gobe you'll find industry leading options suitable for the beginner, intermediate and professional photographer.

Quality optical glass

The best camera UV filter will be made from premium grade optical glass, with Japan Optics and German SCHOTT B270 leading the market in glass manufacturing. Both offer superior levels of visible light transmission and UV reduction, so you can't go wrong with either of these UV filters for lenses. We're passionate about quality, so you'll only find these two leading optical glass manufacturers used with our lens filters, where Japan Optics UV filters lens are ideal for beginner (entry level) or aspiring professional (mid level) photographers, German SCHOTT B270 is an exceptional camera UV filter for professional photographers.

Multi-resistant coating

If you're an outdoor photographer you've got the elements to contend with, so keeping rain, wind-blown sand, dirt or other marks from your lens will be key. A UV lens filter with multi-resistant coating offers your lens optimum protection when you're in the elements, as it repels moisture, dirt, dust, oil and scratches. This special coating on a UV filter camera lens can also reduce lens flare and ghosting. At Gobe, we understand the importance minor details make when perfecting the right shot, so we offer super-protective UV filter camera lenses with 12 or 16 layers of multi-resistant coating. If you're new to photography, the 12-layer option will suit you just fine, while the 16-layer coating caters for professionals.

Other considerations

If you shoot using a wide angle lens, look for a UV filter camera lens that has a very slim rim profile, as this will help to prevent vignetting from occurring. All of our UV camera filter options at Gobe are slim rimmed and won’t vignette on wide angle lenses.