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ND Filters: 10 ways to create with these versatile filters

Neutral Density lens filters or ND filters are highly likely to be the culprits behind your favourite landscape photos. These multipurpose filters [...]

Nusa Penida: untouched nature.

Photograph unique, raw landscapes and rich, vibrant culture at Nusa Penida. Being one of the largest islands of Bali, Nusa Penida is quickly [...]

A (very) photogenic American road trip

As little as we like pollution, we tend to agree that having a car is a great "x" factor and almost an essential thing in a photography trip. Gobe [...]

Why use a CPL Filter?

Before we get onto the ways in which you could use a CPL filter and the situations best suited to it, let's run through a couple of the basics [...]

New Zealand: photographer’s utopia

A chat with Gobe Ambassador Matt Cherubino about his most recent photography trip to New Zealand.

Tips for photographers heading to Northern Patagonia

A little interview with Gobe Ambassador and co- founder Chris Gooley. Chris spent 2 years living in a van exploring Latin America's wilderness. [...]

The photo that saved the Franklin river

The campaign to save Tasmania's Franklin and Gordon rivers, threatened by a huge hydro-electric development, ignited the green movement in [...]

How to best use a UV filter in nature

Photo taken by Gobe Ambassador Ben Leo Davis. UV light is present everywhere, but it gets stronger when shooting in higher altitude places, and [...]

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