Lens Filters

Lens filters are a fantastic addition to any camera, and if you shoot outdoors, or you’re into cinematography, you'll find them indispensable. When you buy camera lens filters from Gobe, you can rest easy knowing that our lens filters are of the highest quality, made from sturdy, premium grade optical glass. Whether you require UV filters, CPL filters, ND filters or kit sets, amateur and professional photographers rely on Gobe to supply lens filters that deliver professional results and affordability.

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Choosing the best camera lens filters

When it comes to choosing the best lens filters for your camera, a lot depends on what you want to get out of your lens filter. Each type of camera lens filter serves a specific purpose, so whether you're looking to protect your camera lens, capture motion blur in your shots or to minimise reflections, knowing what you want to achieve, and then selecting the appropriate filter lens to match, is key.

UV filters

If protecting your camera lens from dirt, moisture or scratches is priority, one of the best camera lens filters to achieve this with is the ultra violet, or UV. A UV filter can be left on your lens at all times, without impacting on image quality. Although DSLR cameras are effective at combating UV light, this filter will still assist in improving and sharpening image quality through haze reduction.

Polarizing filters

Forever changing light levels are a challenge for all outdoor photographers, but by reducing the amount of reflected light that reaches a camera lens, the CPL filter works hard for your images. This camera lens filter eliminates reflections from non-metallic surfaces, banishes atmospheric haze, while boosting colour contrast and saturation. In particular, if you want to add drama to sky scenes or shoot straight through clear waters, a polarising lens filter will help you to capture the best possible image.

ND (Neutral Density) filters

An ND filter reduces light reaching a camera's sensor. This filter lens enables slower shutter speeds to capture motion, and wider apertures to create a shallower depth of field. With this nifty lens filter you can add silky, smooth effects to moving water, bring drama to sky scenes, or introduce motion blur to traffic, people or foliage. ND lens filters come in various density strengths, according to how much light you want to reduce.

Filter kits

Can't decide on the best filters for camera lenses to suit your needs? Perhaps you need more than one type. This is where the Gobe filter kits come in handy. Many of the effects produced by photography lens filters can't be replicated using post-production software, so filters are often a necessity for achieving the most powerful photographs. Gobe offers a range of entry, mid or top-level camera lens filters, ensuring there's a best filter lens to suit every photographers budget.