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Filtri ND

Unlock more potential in your work with our range of neutral density filters. Our ND filters can help you explore your photography practice and take your work to new heights. Use ND filters to reduce light intake so you can use a wider aperture to experiment with depth of field, and a slower shutter speed for motion blur. Neutral density filters range from 2 (in our variable ND filter) through to 1000 (the equivalent of dropping 10 f-stops). Explore the full possibilities of your photography with our ND filters.

What’s the best ND (neutral density) lens filter for me?

Think about where you’re going to use your ND filter and what effect you’re hoping to capture, and plan for the most likely conditions. Whether you need some options for a sun-baked adventure, or you’re planning some long exposures down the coast, our range of ND filters will help you make the most of your trip whatever the conditions. And our range of specific ND filters allows you to fine tune your gear to the conditions so you can experiment with confidence.

What’s this about f-stops?

Each ND filter will reduce the light intake by a comparative number of f-stops. The higher the f-stop, the less light is allowed into your camera or film. You can use the weather forecast and the time of day you’re shooting as a guide for how many f-stops you think you’ll want to drop, and then grab an ND filter accordingly. If you want options, the variable ND filter and our ND filter kits are your best shot.

Are you shooting in consistent or variable light conditions?

If you’re shooting in a studio, or under reliable light conditions, try a fixed f-stop ND filter. And if you’re shooting in the unpredictable light of the wild outdoors, try out filter kits or our variable ND filter to adapt to variable conditions. You can also stack multiple ND filters for more control and a graduated ND filter can transform your work when shooting with a strong directional light from one source.

How important is quality framing?

As with photographing (and hanging) your work, quality framing is the difference between good and great. While the quality of the filter glass should be your primary focus, the frame needs to be durable to ensure it lasts for years of adventures. That’s why all our lens filters are encased in aviation-grade Magnalium.