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Variable ND2-400 Filter ▲


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About the product


Capture the beauty of movement and time.

The Gobe Variable ND filter can be rotated from ND2 (1 f-stop) to ND400 (8.66 f-stops) giving you great versatility in changing light.

  • ND2 to ND400

    The MIN marked on the rim of the filter denotes ND2 (1 f-stop) and the MAX denotes ND400 (8.66 f-stops).

  • 8 layer nano coating

    For perfect colour neutrality and durability. This filter can withstand salty water, dust, extreme wind and other abrasive elements.

  • Lifetime replacement

    At Gobe we stand by each product with a lifetime warranty.

Control the amount of light passing through your camera sensor.

By twisting the Gobe Variable ND filter you will be able to control the amount of light passing through your camera sensor without affecting the colour balance.

This will allow you to use lower apertures in bright light conditions, giving you a creative possibility for beautiful shallow depth of field photographs in bright light.

ND2 - ND400
Twist it your way

The rotating outer rim gives the versatility of adjusting between ND2 to ND400, saving you from constantly changing ND filters in varying light such as sunrise or sunset.

  • Premium optical glass

    Made with Japanese optical glass and  coated with 8 layers of Gobe’s ultra-nano  coating for extra sharpness.

  • Ultra-slim profile

    All Gobe lens filters have an ultra-slim rim, to avoid vignetting.

  • Magnalium framing

    Durable frame made from extra tough magnalium which prevents jamming.

For perfect ND photos

Rotate the Variable ND filter between the MIN and MAX markings on the rim.

Do not go past these settings, or you will see vignetting and at the extreme a dark cross will appear in frame wrecking your beautiful photos.

For wide angle and telephoto lenses, we recommend the use of the Variable ND2-32 or ND8-128 or fixed ND filters.

With wide-angle and telephoto lenses , rotate only half way or until you begin to see vignetting.

Note: Lens caps and sunhoods need to be one thread size larger (ie. 62mm NDX uses 67mm lens cap).

Have fun!

Technical information


Filter Grade ▲ (entry level)
Square Filter Size No
Filter Type ND Neutral Density
Type Variable Neutral Density
Optics Japan Optics
Ultra-nano coating 8 Layers
Grade ND2 to ND400
Density 0.3-2.6
Filter Factor 1-8 stops
Multi-Coated Yes
Rotating Yes
Effect To create special effects such as movement, blur, within the shot.
Application Nature, travel, outdoor photography To use high speed ISOs in bright light.
Color Temperature N/A
Construction Magnalium frame with optical glass
Thread Pitch 0.75mm
Warranty Lifetime Replacement


Customer Reviews (31)

Practical and perfect for videoReview by George Smiley
I was really amazed at how the quality of my films have been able to increase with these filters.
Applied to my lens with 49mm diameter I was able to take advantage of all the opening and above all , adjust the intensity of the filter instantly going from internal and external environments. Right now I could not live without and I will even buy it for larger lenses.
I confirm that the maximum intensity generates a cross effect but otherwise is perfect, especially considering the price and construction.
In Short - Excellent for video, even in 4K. (Posted on 14/04/2016)
Excellent, very well made NDReview by By Amazon Customer
The packaging is impeccable; the cardboard box contains a hard case with the filter and a very solid chassis .
This Variable ND Does its job well, absent defects and dominant colours; when you are very close to the maximum setting ( ND400 ) instead the filter becomes unusable, because it appears to form a black silhouette of X which covers most of the picture. Clearing everything turning even a few degrees the quality returns to be excellent .
Having heard a lot of bad variable filters my expectations were not very high, but Gobe has made ​​me think again. (Posted on 04/04/2016)
Good ND filter Review by Amazon Customer
Well packaged, have some time to learn to use the ND filter, works well on my RX100M2. No hard stop on the variable ring but very smooth and rigid. Need more practical testing to fully experience its good. I am just a newbie beginner and this ND filter fulfill most of my needs. (Posted on 30/03/2016)
High end product here!Review by James Fazio
Been using this to film surfing with our zoom lens for Time Well Spent Documentary. Shooting into the sun. This was a life saver and unlike other products in this same price category. The light leak was so minimal. Like you are using a tiffen high end ND filter, but for 3/4 of the coast! Buy it and you won't be let down (Posted on 29/03/2016)
ND lens filter great qualityReview by Alessandro N
I recently bought this lens for my 24/70. Simply fantastic and phenomenal price for the quality, I recommend it to everyone. It came a few days after purchasing it. (Posted on 29/03/2016)
Perfect filter, created by photographers for photographersReview by Livio Ascione
Before beginning the review it is to say that these products arrive in a really cared packaging: Essential outside, safe inside. Each filter is closed in a rigid plastic box, which is very resistant. Inside the plastic box in the Gobe filter it is wrapped in a layer of neoprene that protects it from shocks.

I have tested this product on a Nikon D7000 that we have in the studio, allowing us to make a series of shots that would allow us to better evaluate the potential of these products.

I tested this filter on a 50mm f1.8 Nikon lens with which I find it works really well, both for portraiture and for the naturalistic details. I find it a versatile and very high quality ND Filter.

The Gobe NDX ND2-400 is a truly versatile lens filter. In fact, thanks to the rotating ring of which allows you to reduce the amount of light in put into the lens without changing the hue and the colours. This is really useful option that lets you use one and only one ND filter, adjusting the brightness stop only by the ring, without having to mount and unmount various filters. The Gobe ND2-400 allows you to control the amount of light received through the lens up to 8 apertures.

The filter profile is extremely flat, this allows us to avoid unpleasant vignetting of wide-angle lenses. It is not the case in our tests, but we have tried to move the filter on another lens of equal diameter and, at opening 18, we have not noticed chromatic aberrations of any kind.

This product is ideal for that kind of photographs in which we need to maintain a low shutter speeds and, consequently, of the highest exposure times without buring the image. This is the case of running water streams and waterfalls that give us, at long exposures, wonderful dynamic shots. Therefore ideal for photographing waterfalls, rivers, the ocean crashing on the rocks and the flight of surfers on the waves.

Moreover, thanks to this filter, you can decrease depth of field by allowing a large aperture value even in high light conditions. It's appropriate for very bright targets like the Nikon 50mm f1.8 that in bright light, does not allow us to appreciate the shallow depth of field as we would like.

The Gobe NDX ND2-400 also features in Magnalium ultra rugged chassis that provides durability and prevents the jam. Produced with Glass Optic Japan, the Gobe NDX filter reduces light absorption no impact on the overall colour balance.

A recommended product! (Posted on 25/03/2016)
Great Variable NDReview by Michele
Variable ND excellent workmanship, robust, smooth rotation, lever up to 8.5 stops of light set to its maximum value of 400 without any discolouration. For the price, I think is a best buy. Really satisfied! (Posted on 23/03/2016)
Variable neutral density filterReview by By Amazon Customer
The usefulness of this neutral density filter is to reduce ambient light to enable taking pictures with long breaks to create some pretty impressive effects (on gun BULB mode).

The filter comes in an extremely strong plastic box, to transport it's perfect.

The ring is easily installed on the lens, no worries.

For my part I took some pictures of a waterfall during the day, the sun at its peak, lots of light, tripod, remote control, setting the camera mode to BULB, the minimum ISO, shutter speed level one tries to settle down enough to have a light report / BULB indeed quite convincing, at the diaph is the filter that comes into play, it limits the amount of light that enters your lens, up to 8 notches diaphragm, for you to test and find the best setting.
Yes it is interesting with this filter is that it is adjustable, so you can choose the opacity of the filter, from soft to hard, everything here without degrading the characteristics of the picture (color, for example).

high quality filter, very good value, I recommend it without any problem, (Posted on 20/03/2016)
Gobe Variable Neutral Density FilterReview by Quikrix
A really nice variable neutral density filter, and easy to use. The dial to change the amount of light is situated on the front with a max and min mark indicated on the filter, making it easy to change. This allows you to change the ND from 2-400 without having to swap between different filters, great for when you are out and about and don't want to be carrying lots of different filters. Also screws on and off very easily straight to the camera lens itself or on top of any other filters.

I have used the filter a few since purchasing it, and it does take a bit of trial and error to get the balance between the ND setting, shutter speed and aperture for any shot. However once you have got it all set up the results are definitely worth it and I would recommend using a tripod and remote control in most situations when using a neutral density filter.

It is a very good neutral density and very reasonable price, plus you help support the environment too as Gobe will plant trees for every order you making with them! (Posted on 19/03/2016)
Useful and with good resultsReview by Julio Alvarez
The product conforms to what it offers and fulfills its function perfectly for the range in which it is located. (Posted on 18/03/2016)
Variable density filterReview by Gazmend Cerkezi
Here to talk about the really good filter, although I'm not a professional but I've taken a couple of photos and the quality is very good. The filter construction is clearly very high quality, in short, I recommend it . (Posted on 18/03/2016)
Gobe ND FilterReview by Napoleoni
Fully satisfied. I was not excepting this Variable ND filter to have the same result as a high-end filter for my use but it satisfied me greatly. Great product. I recommend (Posted on 16/03/2016)
Good filter without cross effectReview by Etzen
Gobe ​​NDX filter 58mm

The filter is delivered in a stylish package , the package can be optimally used for transport.

The filter is well made and can rotate well . The thread is smooth and you get it gently on the lens on it . One finds on the surface of the glass no errors . The filter is without the cross effect as long as one remains in the scale . If you go beyond the scale , appears this . Say in the specified range of 2-400 this can not be seen .

Conclusion: Very good filter for beginners and advanced . (Posted on 12/03/2016)
Effective ND FilterReview by Guillaume Taillardle
I really wanted an NDX filter to lower the brightness and make long exposures during the days. This filter is ideal, the ring can be rotated to the desired exposure.
The product is very well finished, an indicator lets you know which way to turn. Glass is also very good .
All received quickly, in a very nice packaging and a storage box. (Posted on 10/03/2016)
It does its job very wellReview by Blek
With this lens I was able to make great shots at long exposure, that means a fantastic silky or trail on the photos. Build quality is excellent. Needless to say it is a must to use it manually, otherwise it could stumble in the usual problem of X dark in photographs. To be a variable lens I found it really good (Posted on 07/03/2016)
Excellent Variable NDReview by Luiscarlos
Great construction, As good a quality as the lens. It screws gentle onto my lens, the rotating of the ring is good, neither too rigid nor too hard, for now I just did some testing at home and I have to say that the results satisfy me. (Posted on 07/03/2016)
Convenient for exposures breaks during the dayReview by Zast
This variable ND filter is used to make long exposures during the day to create an effect on a photo. In fact, it absorbs light and allows you to shoot waterfalls and rivers and gives you a very nice story.

The advantage of this variable ND version is that one does not need to change the filter every time. It is allowed on the lens and we just have to turn the filter to the desired brightness (you have to remember to carry a tripod for long exposures) .

This is not the best filter that exists (non-variable filters are better) but it is really convenient.

Product received free of charge for objective review (Posted on 06/03/2016)
Eco-Friendly Filter for 20-30% LessReview by Raijin Photo
GOBE 77mm 2Peak NDX Filter Review

The GOBE 77mm NDX filter is a great filter that brings out more contrast and color to your photos during bright periods of the day. While bringing more contrast to the photo, the level of darkness can be adjusted to slow shutter speed down; this will help to create silky flowing water in your photos.

Keys Benefits:
- High quality Japanese glass to cut down on chromatic aberrations, flare & haze.
- Easy to clean (Anti-Scratch, Water Repellent, Oil & Dust Resistant)
- Cost 20-30% less than competitors while not sacrificing quality.
- Brings out more contrast to photos while adding a hint more color during bright days.
- Slows shutter speed down while adding flowing water effect to photos.

Key Disadvantages:
- First time you add the filter to your camera, the filter may need to be seated properly in the threads. After you attach it correctly the first time, the threads be be set, making it easier for every time after.
- At maximum, you may see the inner glass crossing in the photo on wider angle lenses. If this happens, reduce the darkness to 75-25%. This range is optimal for wide angle.

GOBE also donates 1% of their profit to 1% for the Planet to non-profit orgs that help with environmental restoration and protection. GOBE also uses environmentally friendly packaging and labels that are recyclable. The plastic case uses less plastic while protecting your filter as well. Gobe is now planting trees with every purchase; a fantastic initiative empowering customers to join the environmental revolution! see their website for more details! mygobe.com

See sample photos for more information. Sample photo shooting info: Nikon D7000, Tokina 11-16 DX II lens @ 11mm, ~5pm sunset in Honolulu, Hawai’i @ISO 200, F22/, 1/4sec

Thank you for reading this review. Get out and go be an adventure photographer! (Posted on 02/03/2016)
Review NDX filter GOBE - MY IMPRESSIONSReview by Andrea
I'm a Photographer Naturalist, and I bought this GOBE NDX filter, 77mm in size to be able to be used mainly with a Tokina AT-X PRO 16-50; In the past I have purchased similar filters of different sizes from other manufacturers (some even the best known), but I never felt fully satisfied for a number of reasons:

1. Strong vignetting on the sides.
2. considerable loss of sharpness.
3. Strong dominant color.
4. Poor quality thread which eventually threatens to ruin the breading lens.

To overcome these reasons, this time I decided to try and trust a company that until recently had not yet know, but I already intrigued by a laudable initiative to help safeguard the planet (1% for the planet), and I made a pleasant discovery!
Once you ordered the filter, the expedition started very quickly and in three days I received the package at home by courier; the product arrives at home in the classic Amazon package for shipments of small, all 'inside we find the cardboard casing with brand GOBE, inside there is the hard plastic box (very durable), making a slight pressure on one side, it can not easily open, inside the filter is protected by a neoprene lining.

The product is very solid, and the glass is definitely of excellent quality; on the dial is designed one of the intensity scale, so it turning the front side, you understand easily what intensity you are using the filter. I tried for a few days this filter before writing this review, and using it I HAVE NO PROBLEM FOUND THAT I HAD IN THE PAST WITH OTHER MANUFACTURERS FILTERS.
No vignetting or loss of sharpness, nor considerable dominant colour. As mentioned earlier the product is really of good workmanship, and also the thread engages quietly to the lens without straining. All this without forgetting the price, which is VERY competitive.

In conclusion I feel fully satisfied with this purchase, and will definitely continue to buy their products, so I can replace the old filters that I bought before this. (Posted on 20/02/2016)
Beautiful build qualityReview by By Jean Claude Grouard
I already have a ND400 filter and CPL but under certain conditions, I already regretted not having a neutral filter ND4 or ND16.

This type of filter is a good solution to always have his camera bag, a filter for long breaks adapted to different light conditions. If one is in the woods or in the sun, we can adjust the density of grey and therefore the shutter speed.

The ring is smooth and slightly wider than the diameter of the screw. It facilitates the handling but prohibits the use of the visor on my Canon 300/4 L. Anyway, I thought earlier to use with my 10-22 or 24-105 on my 6D, all mount on a tripod.

The metal ring is provided to prevent expansion. I broke two polarizing filters that remained firmly screwed on the lens. I opted for for a high-end polarizing, much more avoids any problem of this type.

One fine filter in a perfectly adjusted box but without any mark if we throw the carton. (Posted on 17/02/2016)

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