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The Start

It started in a van

Gobe was born in 2014 from the grit, grind, and ecstasy of a two-year road trip from California to Patagonia.

Founders Christian and Chris had a simple plan: to spend as much time immersed in nature and local cultures as possible. That simple plan saw them follow raw southern swells along the Pacific coast, heading into the mountains when the sea went quiet, fishing when the rivers were right, and embracing the slow life of long-term travel.

A new point of view

The journey inspired a passion for photography and videography and they captured their journey and insights in their 2019 documentary Pacifico. Such a prolonged and deep relationship with nature revealed the importance of changing our behaviours and stemming the negative effects we have on the environment. It sparked a fiery passion for protecting and preserving the remote wilds and they decided the most impactful way to achieve this was through business.


Chris and Christian’s passion for photography and videography sparked the idea for Gobe’s first product range – lens filters. But more than simply selling camera accessories, they wanted Gobe to have a purpose greater than itself. That’s why for every product purchased, Gobe plants 5 trees.

We believe business can be a powerful tool for positive environmental change and we aim to help more people
connect their passion with a
positive purpose.