ND Filters

Landscape photographers looking to enrich their photographs and open creative possibilities often reach for a neutral density filter. By blocking out light, this filter lets you capture motion and intentionally blur images, for unique and dramatic results. With a comprehensive range of affordable and high quality neutral density filters to choose from at Gobe, they’ll quickly become a standard accessory in your camera bag.

Best ND (neutral density) lens filters

When considering the best neutral density filter for your camera, bear in mind that there's more than one type. Neutral density filters vary according to how much light they block out, so consider the conditions you'll be shooting in before you go neutral density camera filter shopping.

F-stop considerations

The f-stop number of a neutral density filter refers to how much light the filter blocks out. The higher the f-stop, the more light is blocked from the camera lens. Think about how much daylight will be present when you take photos and choose an ND lens filter f-stop number accordingly. Whether you require reduction of one or 10 f-stops, you'll find a variety of neutral density camera filter options at Gobe.

Filter types

If you always shoot under the same light conditions, you might find a fixed f-stop neutral density filter does the job perfectly. However, if you take photos at different times of the day, you might want to carry a variety of f-stop filters in your camera kit. Alternatively, you may prefer a variable neutral density filter, which can be rotated to cover a range of f-stop densities, meaning you only need one filter to accommodate different light levels. Of course, you can stack individual neutral density filters to achieve the desired effect, and our neutral density filter set options are ideal for this scenario. A graduated neutral density filter may also be useful for variable light transmission requirements within a single scene.

Visual effects

When thinking about the best neutral density filters, consider what visual effects you want to achieve from your photos. A neutral density filter slows down the shutter speed, and the higher the density of filter, the slower this speed will be. Slow shutter speeds let you add smooth, silky effects to running water, or add blur to moving objects.


Photographers also value neutral density filters for enabling wider apertures and a shallower depth of field, so that objects can be separated from their background. To ensure you can focus clearly on your chosen subjects when taking photos, choose a neutral density filter made from superior optical glass. For added protection when you're outdoors, pick an ND filter lens with multi-resistant coating. Quality and durability become especially important if you frequently change your filters to accommodate changing light levels. We use aviation grade Magnalium frames, which will keep your lens protected and ensure your filters last longer than they need to.