CPL Polarizing Filters

If you're an outdoors photographer, varying light conditions can play havoc with your images, causing unwanted reflections or glare, or making photos appear dull. A circular polarizing filter (or CPL filter) lets you manipulate light levels to create desired effects. Whether you're a beginner or pro photographer, you can find high quality, reliable and affordable CPL filters at Gobe.

Best CPL (circular polarizing lens) filters

When the bright, glaring sun is casting shadows everywhere, a polarized lens filter can prove imperative if you want to capture a correctly exposed and balanced image. With a CPL filter, you can cut reflections, see through the surface of water and banish glare when shooting through a window. A CPL filter can also sharpen distant panoramic landscapes, reduce haze and make images more vivid and eye-catching. With such an important role in photography, it makes sense to choose the best CPL filter you can afford.

Anti-reflection capability

Not all circular polarizing filters are created equally when it comes to their ability to reduce reflections, but the best CPL filters are those that offer superior rates of polarization. At Gobe, we understand how important it is to create the perfect shot, free from distracting reflections or glare, so with all of our polarizing lens filter products offering a 99.9% polarization capability.

Reduced light distortion

When using a CPL filter, you are manipulating light levels, so it's important to look for a filter that comes with the highest quality optical glass, to reduce any risk of light distortion. We don't believe in compromising on quality, so it's reassuring to know that our circular polarizing filter glass is made by highly respected brands, Japan Optics and German SCHOTT, ensuring virtually no light distortion. High quality optical glass also gives you greater control over enhancing colours and contrast in your images, and if you look for a CPL filter with multi-resistant coating, this also protects your lens and can reduce lens flare and ghosting.

Easy to use

A CPL lens filter adjusts light levels when you rotate it, so when you're trying to capture an impromptu shot, you'll demand a CPL filter that is simple to use and easy to rotate. Whether you're after an entry level CPL filter lens, or one designed for pros, all of our products boast an ultra slim rim profile, to make rotation effortless. This super slim design also means our CPL filters are ideal for use on a wide-angle lens, avoiding problematic vignetting.


Once you start using a CPL polarizer lens filter, you'll quickly realise how helpful and conducive they are to outdoor photography. With it playing such a pivotal role in your photography, it's worthwhile looking for a CPL filter that offers great durability. All of our circular polarizing filter products are encased in aviation grade Magnalium frames.