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Filtri UV

We love the sunshine, but sunny days mean UV haze and that can take the edge off your photographs. Our UV filters cut through the haze for sharper photographs, and protect your lenses from dirt, dust, and rain, all without affecting your exposure, coloration, or contrast. If there’s one filter every lens deserves, it’s a UV filter. Shop our range of UV filters made from premium components for those taking their first steps on their photography journey, or the seasoned professional photographer.

How do I choose the best UV lens filter for my photography?

A UV filter is a lens’ best friend. You can leave it on your lens permanently and layer other filters on top without affecting your camera settings. When it comes to choosing the right UV filter for your photography, think about the glass, the protective coating and the profile of the filter.

Quality glass makes a world of difference

When searching for quality filters, finding filters manufactured in Japan or German is a great start. There are other good manufacturers, but these two countries have been honing their craft for generations. We know from experience the positive difference quality optics can make, so we only use Japanese Optics for our 1 Peak and 2 Peak UV filters, and German SCHOTT B270 glass for our professional 3 Peak filters.

Protect yourself from the elements with a quality ultra-nano coating

When you venture into the wild outdoors to photograph, you need to think about protecting your gear. When it starts to rain or the wind kicks up sand and flings dirt at your lens, a UV lens filter keeps your lenses pristine and your photographs beautiful. Our quality filters are dirt, dust, oil and scratch resistant. And our special ultra-nano coating is hydrophobic (they repel water) and reduces lens flare and ghosting. If you're starting out on your photography journey, the 12-layer coating is great, and the 16-layer coating caters to professionals.

One more thing – fish eye vignetting

If your kit includes a wide-angle lens, be mindful of vignetting with filters. You can avoid any additional vignetting by using a UV filter camera lens that has a super slim rim profile. All of our camera filters feature an ultra-slim profile.