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Filtri CPL

We love self-reflection but we’re just not into light reflection ruining your photographs. And our range of polarized lens filters help cut out reflected light, and bring out the best in your work. Our circular polarizing filters (CPL filters) help block diffused light from any direction for better contrast, saturation and more balanced photographs.

Why should I buy a CPL filter?

When the sun has some bite and casts deeply contrasting shadows, a CPL filter can help you balance your highlights and shadows. And when you’re trying to capture dramatic skies, or the subtle texture of water without the glare, a CPL will help achieve stunning results. It makes your images more vivid and balanced, and saves you time in editing trying to get the same results.

How can I spot a good quality CPL filter?

When you’re searching for a CPL filter, check how much polarization your lens offers. The higher the polarization the better it does its job. Our polarizing lens filters provide 99.9% polarization across the full 1 Peak, 2 Peak and 3 Peak ranges.

How do I use a CPL filter?

A CPL filter actually rotates so you can direct the polarization directly towards the reflected light source. So your shooting isn’t hindered, its important your filter rotates freely for fast shooting and best results. Our ultra-slim profile means better movement, and no vignetting on wide-angle lenses.

How important is quality framing?

As with photographing (and hanging) your work, quality framing is the difference between good and great. While the quality of the filter glass should be your primary focus, the frame needs to be durable to ensure it lasts for years of adventures. That’s why all our lens filters are encased in aviation-grade Magnalium.