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Eden Reforestation Projects recently set up their planting operations in Mozambique, a country running the East coast of Southern Africa. A country rich in bird and mammal wildlife diversityincluding 20 species of globally threatened birds.

As Gobe’s planting partner, Eden plan to re-plant the decimated mangrove forests beginning near Maputo. A civil war that resulted in the country being burnt to the ground in many places has left a devastating path in its wake.

Replenishing and re-developing decimated mangrove forests and estuaries to provide home for the 20 threatened bird species and hundreds of endemic mammal species. The planting will help to subdue erosion and increase coral health in surround areas.

Where in Mozambique?


Return Of The Pink Flamingo

45%–60% of the population of Mozambique are living below the poverty line. Eden plans to provide tens of thousands of work days for those who need it most. The employ to plant strategy that Eden has been successfully deployed around the world has seen one start-up team of planter in Mozambique plant over 80,000 trees in the first month of operations.

Since Eden has begun planting operations near Maputo they have seen the return of the enchanting flocks of Pink Flamingos return, something that hasn’t been seen in the years for years!

Gobe thanks Eden Reforestation Projects for all the work they do for our planet and we thank you! Our customers, for planting five trees with every product purchased.

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