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Replanting the devastated wetlands

The wetland ecosystems of Indonesia are an incredibly biodiverse group of over 17,000 islands. Home to several thousands of mammals, birds and 25% of the global fish populations.

The rate at which these forest habitats are being destroyed is devastatingly high at a rate of 6.2 million acres a year.

The destruction of the wetlands including mangrove forests, coral reefs and sea grass are a direct threat to millions of rural Indonesians who rely on the ecosystems for their livelihood and survival.

In the last three decades Indonesia has lost over 40% of its mangrove forests. In 1996 a tsunami triggered by an 8.2 earthquake wreaked havoc on Biak Island and left a path of decimated old growth along the shoreline. The island is still recovering from this natural disaster.

Gobe’s planting partner, Eden Reforestation Projects, plans to replenish these forest habitats whilst employing thousands of local workers and community leaders with trusted and proven records to run the essential operating systems.

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Power to the people

Projects will include school run educational programs to educate children on the importance of preserving the incredibly beautiful and unique tropical forests on these islands.

Planting trees is the easy part for Eden Reforestation Projects, what makes their work all the more important is providing work for thousands of villagers living below the poverty line who may have previously been forced to log these forests to earn a living for the sale of the timber.

Working with local villagers on Biak Island and West Java, Eden Reforestation Projects has implemented operations to begin re-planting the coastal mangrove buffer zones as well as tropical forests cut down for timber and slash and burn agriculture.

The rejuvenation of these vital and unique forest will directly affect the lives of 40 million rural dwelling Indonesians as well as many endangered species living throughout the islands. These include the Sumatran Tiger, Orangutans, Sumatran Elephants and the Javan Rhinoceros.

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