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Gobe 16GB Compact Flash 130MB/s UDMA7 CF Card

38,00 €
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  • • Item ships from either our Australia, USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain or Japan warehouse; whichever is closest to your delivery address
  • • Free transit insurance to cover damage / loss during delivery
  • • 365 day returns on non damaged items
  • • Gobe lifetime warranty

Descrizione prodotto


Gobe’s 16GB 130MB/s Compact Flash is a top end CF card with the highest speeds and most durable build designed to accommodate photographers / cinematographers striving for professional results.

  • This CF Card is designed for High Performance DSLRs, Full HD 3D 4K video & hacked DLRs
  • UDMA 7 Compact Flash technology facilitating up to 130MB/s read speed and 100MB/s write speed*
  • Gobe CF cards are reliable, secure and backed by a lifetime warranty and full manufacture support
  • Gobe CF cards are built for adventure photographers: Waterproof, Shockproof, Magnet Proof, X-Ray Proof with an operating temperature range -25ºC to 85ºC
  • Includes 200GB free cloud storage and a 1% donation on your behalf to environmental organisations
  • The Gobe 130MB/s CF films continuously in RAW on 24fps 1920x1080 when using Magic Lantern

* Speeds are based on Testmetrix VTE-4100 results. Testing using USB 3.0 card readers will give results 10-25% less than the advertised max speed.

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Storage Capacity No
Read Speed No
Write Speed No
Class Rating No
Form Factor No
Card Dimension No
Operating Temperature No
Storage Temperature No
Warranty No


Recensioni utenti (6)

The best I've usedRecensito da Saskia
Super fast and reliable card from Gobe! It's as good as any top of the line card for an amazing price compared to to the market. Great support. Thank you! (pubblicato il 13/12/2015)
SuperbRecensito da Rod Fountain
After some hesitance choosing between the SanDisk and Lexar Pro 1066x (160MB/s) CF cards, I stumbled upon GoBe cards.

Impressed with their marketing approach, claims for performance and very attentive and quick customer service via their website chat facility, I thought I’d give them a go.

Initially I ordered two 64GB CF 130MB/s cards. As a professional I have now shot over 15,000 images using them over the past two weeks in a couple of Canon 5DMK3’s and a 1DX. The RAW buffer on the 1DX clears so quickly with these cards, about 35 shots cleared and written in about 7 seconds, so way fewer lockout situations than with slower cards.

I used them at 12 fps and slower and had no issues at all. Transfer rates from a Transcend USB3 card reader to W7 was as between 40-60 MB/s. Not great, but this was more due to the card reader, I suspect. Transfer to my portable Nexto SSD was very fast, taking a few minutes to transfer ~40GB. (Couple of thousand RAW files).

They appear to be reliable and dependable, fast and good value. My delivery time from Australia to the UK was 5 days – UK stock had run out. It would be good to know where the stock is being sent from prior to paying.

I’ll now be buying a few more 64GB 130 MB/s cards. Keep up the good work GoBe.
(pubblicato il 13/10/2015)
Great, THANKSSS!!!!!Recensito da Jono
Great card! No problems buffering. Thanks (pubblicato il 11/10/2015)
GrazieRecensito da Aldo Z
ottimo prodotto buona fattura, buona velocità di scrittura e lettura ottimo design e materiali.Lodevole l’iniziativa della società a donare l’1% per la protezione dell’ambiente. (pubblicato il 11/10/2015)
Friendly support :)Recensito da John Faux
Professional fast product, for a very competitive price when compared to other makes, fast response from seller to any queries, excellent! (pubblicato il 11/10/2015)
Firmware issue with Nikon, but good card!Recensito da Andrew Maslin
I did have problems with my Nikon D800/E not sure, as i now think maybe a problem with my firmware, but the Gobe card worked in other cameras fine. (pubblicato il 07/10/2015)

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