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82mm Variable ND2-400 Filter ▲

50,00 €

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Descrizione prodotto


Capture the beauty of movement and time.

The Gobe Variable ND filter can be rotated from ND2 (1 f-stop) to ND400 (8.66 f-stops) giving you great versatility in changing light.

  • ND2 to ND400

    The MIN marked on the rim of the filter denotes ND2 (1 f-stop) and the MAX denotes ND400 (8.66 f-stops).

  • 8 layer nano coating

    For perfect colour neutrality and durability. This filter can withstand salty water, dust, extreme wind and other abrasive elements.

  • Lifetime replacement

    At Gobe we stand by each product with a lifetime warranty.

Control the amount of light passing through your camera sensor.

By twisting the Gobe Variable ND filter you will be able to control the amount of light passing through your camera sensor without affecting the colour balance.

This will allow you to use lower apertures in bright light conditions, giving you a creative possibility for beautiful shallow depth of field photographs in bright light.

ND2 - ND400
Twist it your way

The rotating outer rim gives the versatility of adjusting between ND2 to ND400, saving you from constantly changing ND filters in varying light such as sunrise or sunset.

  • Premium optical glass

    Made with Japanese optical glass and  coated with 8 layers of Gobe’s ultra-nano  coating for extra sharpness.

  • Ultra-slim profile

    All Gobe lens filters have an ultra-slim rim, to avoid vignetting.

  • Magnalium framing

    Durable frame made from extra tough magnalium which prevents jamming.

For perfect ND photos

Rotate the Variable ND filter between the MIN and MAX markings on the rim.

Do not go past these settings, or you will see vignetting and at the extreme a dark cross will appear in frame wrecking your beautiful photos.

For wide angle and telephoto lenses, we recommend the use of the Variable ND2-32 or ND8-128 or fixed ND filters.

With wide-angle and telephoto lenses , rotate only half way or until you begin to see vignetting.

Note: Lens caps and sunhoods need to be one thread size larger (ie. 62mm NDX uses 67mm lens cap).

Have fun!

Ulteriori informazioni


Filter Grade ▲ (entry level)
Square Filter Size No
Filter Type ND Neutral Density
Tipo Variable Neutral Density
Optics Japan Optics
Ultra-nano coating 8 Layers
Grade ND2 to ND400
Density 0.3-2.6
Filter Factor 1-8 stops
Effect To create special effects such as movement, blur, within the shot.
Application Nature, travel, outdoor photography To use high speed ISOs in bright light.
Color Temperature N/A
Construction Magnalium frame with optical glass
Thread Pitch 0.75mm
Warranty Lifetime Replacement


Recensioni utenti (31)

Perfect ND FilterRecensito da Marius
Since this is my first NDX filter I wanted to have a variable, to find out what I need before I pay € 120 for 4 filters ...
I am surprised because the "evil dark cross " shows only on the Max . Level... and no other colour lichen changes seen!
Top filter... I 'm going but still set a grayscale filter with a length extension factor of 1000, as I get my FZ300 only to f / 8.
The perfect filter (pubblicato il 16/02/2016)
Excellent price / quality ratio!Recensito da By Amazon Customer
Excellent product. His case is simple, sturdy and very well designed.
A bit wider than the lens: perfect for screwing. well-designed progressive filter.
(pubblicato il 10/02/2016)
Perfect Recensito da Guillaume
This variable density filter is high quality, the movement for adjusting the density is very smooth and fluid.
There is no catch as other filters I've experienced before, which allows very fine adjustment.
I use this filter on a Fuji X100T (49mm diameter) in my travels abroad in long break situations when the sky is too white. Finally, the filter comes in a box with a high density foam is perfectly adapted to the diameter of the filter.
Another plus for photographers finally the eco fibre, the brand will plant 5 trees for each purchased filter! (pubblicato il 02/02/2016)
Completed with a Nikon D3100 + 35 mmRecensito da By ℜ
First of all I am very satisfied with the quality of the packaging , the filter is well maintained in a suitable plastic box.

The filter is very well positioned on the goal, against as mentioned in other reviews , it is necessary to remove the visor.

The ring to adjust the density is in focus and practice.

I recommend all for photo enthusiasts into the light ! (pubblicato il 02/02/2016)
FrancescoRecensito da Prova filtro
ho dato il massimo della valutazione in quanto il filtro non ha presentato nessun tipo di problema (vignettatura o dominanti di colore). L'ho utilizzato con una canon 6D su un obiettivo 24 - 105 ed è perfetto. lo consiglio a chiunque abbia l'esigenza di scattare allungando i tempi di posa. Versatile ed economico, ottima spedizione ed imballaggio molto curato. (pubblicato il 24/01/2016)
Good valueRecensito da AitorG
The filter is as described, physically fits well and used easily. Now, in relation to the range of use, I would recommend not using it to reduce light beyond 5 or 6 steps because from there vignetting increasingly noticeable .
As a tip, use only filter range that has drawn bars , where it says "max " and " min" I do not recommend. (pubblicato il 23/01/2016)
Bin zufrieden :-)Recensito da Milkyway
Ich bin Einsteiger in der ND-Fotografie und habe nach einem brauchbaren Einsteigermodell gesucht, um erst einmal herauszufinden, ob ich damit zurechtkomme, welche Filterstärken für mich interessant wären und um mit Belichtung, Blende und Filter zu experimentieren. Dabei hat mich der Filter echt positiv überrascht! Ich habe schon ein paar sehr hübsche Bilder damit fabrizieren können.

Das Gewinde des Filters ist gut verarbeitet und auch sonst macht er auf mich einen sehr guten Eindruck. Die Filterscheiben lassen sich leichtgängig gegeneinander verschieben, um den gewünschten ND-Grad zu erreichen. Die Beschriftung ist allerdings - wie bei so ziemlich allen variablen Graufiltern - nur wenig hilfreich.

Das "gefürchtete" dunkle Kreuz, dass bei variablen Filtern wohl häufig auftritt, ist auch hier deutlich sichtbar - allerdings erst ab den recht hohen ND-Werten.

Ich freue mich jedenfalls sehr über meinen Kauf und würde ihn auch anderen empfehlen, die ND-Fotografie mal ausprobieren wollen. (pubblicato il 19/01/2016)
Am satisfied :-)Recensito da Milkyway
I am beginner in the ND-photography and was searching for a usable entry-level model to find out once, if I get along with what filter strengths would be interesting for me, and to experiment with exposure, aperture and filter. Here I was really positively surprised the filter! I have to fabricate some very nice pictures with it.

The thread of the filter is well-made and otherwise he makes me a very good impression. Filter discs can be smoothly slide against each other to achieve the desired ND degree. The label, however, is - as with just about every variable neutral density filters - only unhelpful.

The "dreaded" dark cross that with variable filters probably occurs frequently, is also clearly visible - but only from the rather high ND values.

I am in any case very about my purchase and would also recommend it to others, want to try the ND Photograph times. (pubblicato il 08/01/2016)
An excellent productRecensito da Caren
I liked the product because fits perfectly with what I expected.
Compared with similar products I've purchased directly from other businesses, it has the same characteristics . (pubblicato il 21/12/2015)
Good stories and good productsRecensito da Chok
To be honest, I only bought this product because I follow you on instagram and love your story. Wasn't expecting much, but this is seriously a good filter guys! Good job.
I'm a great fan. (pubblicato il 02/12/2015)
Great FilterRecensito da Francisco
Variable ND filter very versatile, ranging from almost transparent to the almost total darkness (for very long exposures). You just have to be very careful with shock and / or vibration, as they may upset the balance of the crystals and hinder the desired density setting. (pubblicato il 24/11/2015)

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