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CPL Polarizing Filter ▲▲

26,00 €

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Description du produit


Cut the glare. Get more vibrant.

The removal of haze and reflections will give your photos colour enhancement, contrast and details that you would have otherwise missed.

  • Designed for the weather

    The Gobe CPL 2Peak filter can withstand salty water, extreme wind, dust and other abrasive conditions and elements.

  • 99.9% polarization rate

    For superb anti-reflection capabilities. Removes glare and increases saturation without affecting the colour balance.

  • Lifetime replacement

    At Gobe we stand by each product with a lifetime warranty.

Absorb rays of sunshine

The Gobe polarizing filter absorbs the light that is directly reflected towards your camera, known as diffused light.

Rotating the CPL will allow you to find the best angle to filter the diffused light. Helping you achieve greater colour saturation, contrast and remove reflections.

The filter factor will vary according to how the filter is rotated and it’s orientation to the sun.

  • Premium optical glass

    Made with Japanese optical glass and coated with 16 layers of Gobe’s ultra-nano coating for extra sharpness.

  • Ultra-slim profile

    All Gobe lens filters have an ultra-slim rim, to avoid vignetting on wide angle lenses.

  • Magnalium framing

    Durable frame made from extra tough magnalium which prevents jamming.

Technical information


Filter Grade ▲▲ (mid level)
Square Filter Size Non
Filter Type Polarized
Type Circular Polarizer Filter
Optics Japan Optics
Ultra-nano coating 16 Layers
Grade Professional Circular Polarizer
Density N/A
Filter Factor Between 2.3 and 2.8 (approx. +1.3 stops)
Multi-Coated Oui
Rotating Oui
Effect Eliminates reflections and enhances colors without affecting the overall color balance
Application Shooting outdoors, particularly around water and in the mountains
Color Temperature N/A
Construction Magnalium frame with optical glass
Thread Pitch 0.75mm
Warranty Lifetime Replacement


Commentaires des clients (12)

CoolReview by Colferai Umberto
Cool but not the top of polarizers, the product is nice but its not as effective as the old one for film cameras i got! btw for the price it is a nice compromise! (Posté le 25/03/2016)
An exceptional filter designed by professional photographers to professional photographers.Review by Livio Ascione
We tried this article on a Tamron 28-200 with a diameter of 62mm.

This filter has been made with HD Japan Optics glass and experiences no light distortion. Coefficient of polarization of 99.9% for the upper antireflection potential. It's the perfect filter to eliminate glare ocean and photograph beautifully defined clouds. With this filter you can shoot through the water surface on the river and reduce the reflection of the glacial peaks, still capturing a rich blue sky.

The multiple-layer coating technology to 16 significantly reduces lens flare and ghosting. For this reason it was made such a filter, or allow the lens to shoot crisp, clear picture. The circular polarized filters are the most versatile of the linear polarized filters because they are compatible with the full use autofocus camera and auto exposure functions. The filter factor varies according to how the filter is rotated and its orientation relative to the sun.

Thanks to the glass produced by Japan Optics filter Gobe CPL polarizing the light to remove reflections, and increase color saturation without affecting the overall color balance.

Use this filter on an SLR has given me the chance to rule the light from a different perspective, allowing my shots to achieve excellent results especially in landscaping (Posté le 25/03/2016)
Quality CPLReview by Lorenzo Callerio
It arrived on time, good packaging and the handy plastic box that contains it. The filter keeps its promises, guarantees the ability to get spectacular blue skies or remove reflections from water and appreciating the colour of the backdrop. Great for landscaping. I use a Canon EF 28-135 (Posté le 21/03/2016)
Excellent filtre polariséeReview by Léa Pibishka TOP 100 COMMENTATEURS
Le principe des filtres est de choisir quelles longueurs d’onde / couleurs passeront à travers l’objectif – ou non. En fait, en empêchant une couleur de passer, le photographe peut modifier la perception de la réalité avant même le post-traitement.

Ici vous avez un modèle particulier de filtre, il s'agit d'un filtre polarisant pour atténuer les reflets solaires (aux lumières dures de midi par exemple), vous permettant de vous affranchir de la plupart des reflets

La qualité de fabrication est excellente, et le traitement également, aucune distorsion à noter, le pas de vis est de bonne qualité et ne semble pas enclin à une usure prématurée.

Attention vérifiez bien d'avoir l'optique compatible (58mm pour ma part, compatible avec mon AF-S 50mm F.1.4 ou mon télé de 300mm)

Très appréciable et très bon rapport qualité prix, je recommande.

Note : Modèle de test obtenu gracieusement (Posté le 20/02/2016)
Très efficaceReview by Rhodan
Juste reçu.
Objectif : atténuer les reflets des vitres pour certaines prises de vue (vitre de zoo, prise de vue sur depuis de hauts building sans ouverture de vitre)
Appareil = Sony A7 II avec un 28-70 (diam 55)
Résultat : une fois vissé sur l'objectif, il suffit de tourner le filtre (il y a une bague le permettant sans effort) pour avoir l'orientation qui atténue au mieux les reflets. Dans 90% des cas, il n'y a quasi plus de reflets visibles. J'ai eu quelques cas, où il reste des "traces" de reflets.
Cela se produit quand la vitre reflête plusieurs sources : Ex 2 vitres à angle droit, la vitre 1 qu'on vise va refléter l'extérieur passant par la vitre 2 (ce qu'on peut supprimer facilement) mais aussi le reflet sur la vitre 2 de la scène provenant de la vitre 1 (à lire plusieurs fois :-)
A part ce contexte extrême, tout se passe à merveille. (Posté le 18/02/2016)
Good product and attention to detail.Review by José María Hernández
The quality is high and so far has given no problem. Easy to clean and exciting new brand (Posté le 09/02/2016)
Good qualityReview by KateGv
I didnt know the brand and took the risk. It was totally worth it. Super good quality. You can tell its good glass, will buy again for my other lenses (Posté le 30/01/2016)
NiquelReview by JR
Filtre livré avec une boite plastique pour le transporter en toute sécurité, le tout emballé dans un emballage en carton recyclé, apparemment c'est une marque ecolo. La qualité de construction est au rendez vous. Belles images avec ce filtre. (Posté le 24/01/2016)
Five StarsReview by Spin Spin Sugar
Good quality, snug and secure fit. Bit pricier than some but worth it. (Posté le 18/01/2016)
Great Quality CPL Filter - Great OpticsReview by EllLee
This slim CPL filter is great for camera lovers who want to improve their photo and video quality by adding some style to their shots

The CPL filter is packaged nicely in a padded plastic box. This keeps it safe, clean and scratch free during transport.

The CPL filter is made from metal which gives it a durable and tough feel which allows it to look professional whilst still being strong and slimline.

The filter easily screws into the camera thread and the thread is clean and smooth.

As with all CPL filters the filter is seperate from the original thread. This is true with this one also. It allows you turn the filter around seperate from the lens .

A CPL filter allows you to reduce the reflections and blank out TV/Monitors if turned to the correct angle. These can be useful for filming cars, water, glass or other reflective surfaces.

The optics and glass that make up this lens are high quality and appear to be very clear. There doesn't appear to be any visible impact on the video or photo quality which is useful, especially when using one or even multiple filters.

Overall this is a great purchase for people wanting a high quality CPL filter for their camera. (Posté le 18/01/2016)
Yes.Review by Verónique
Such a good filter The glass is so sweet, so is the box that it comes in. I was doubting, because didnt really know the brand, but really happy now that I took the risk
(Posté le 02/12/2015)
Super happy with my productReview by Nick_92
Amazing quality, super good price and loved the packaging!
Fast shipping as well :)
(Posté le 23/11/2015)

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