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Filtres de Lentilles

The best part of adventures is the uncertainty and surprise of the unknown. And Gobe camera lens filters help you adapt to whatever conditions you’re shooting and keep your gear pristine for your next trip. Whether you need UV filters, CPL filters, ND filters or filter kits, our lens filters are designed for outdoor photographers and field-tested by our ambassadors. So whether you’re shooting stills in the streets, or cinematography in the wild, our lens filters will help you get the most out of your kit when it matters most.

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How do I choose the best camera lens filters?

Start by clarifying what problem you’re trying to solve. Each type of lens filter solves a specific problem. So if you start with the problem, we can help you find the right filter for your next adventure. We’ve framed some common photography challenges to help you clarify the problem at hand.

Q| What if I just want to protect my lenses?

A| You need a UV filter.

Some people say you should collect glass, not cameras because the quality of your lens is so important to the quality of your photographs. Whether you buy into that, or not, it always pays to protect your lenses with premium lens filters. One of the best options for protecting your lenses is an Ultra Violet filter. A UV filter doesn’t affect your camera settings and will cut through UV haze on sunny days for sharper photographs. A UV filter is your best option if you want to protect your lenses.

Q| How do I stop reflected light from ruining my shots?

A| You need a polarizing filter.

When you’re shooting outdoors you’ll encounter a lot of reflected light and atmospheric haze, and a Polarizing filter softens both to bring out hidden detail in your photographs. A Polarizing filter can uncover the colours below the surface of a meandering creek, accentuate the saturation in the sky of a stunning landscape, or remove the reflected glare from windows in a street scene. Any time you encounter reflected light (except from metallic surfaces) a polarizing filter will soften the glare and cut out atmospheric haze for better colour contrast and saturation.

Q| What if I want to experiment with motion blur and depth of field?

A| You should try a neutral density filter.

A neutral density (ND) filter reduces light intake, so you can slow your shutter speed and open up your aperture to explore new possibilities with your photography. Discover the potential of motion blur, long exposures, and experiment with depth of field with our range of ND filters. ND lens filters come in a range of strengths depending on the effects you wish to achieve and the conditions you’ll be shooting in.

Q| What if I want it all? Do you have filter bundles?

A| Yes, you can have it all with our filter kits.

Keep your options open and your photography kit light with our range of filter kits. Our filter bundles help you adapt to whatever conditions your encounter on your adventure. Whether you want a UV filter, CPL, a range of ND filters or some colour filters, our filter kits equip you with the best gear so you can capture the moments that matter.