Twelve Frames With Genevieve Walshe

Welcome to Twelve Frames with Genevieve Walshe, photographer, thinker and Hillvale Lab original service extraordinaire.

Genevieve Walshe   |   THE RED CENTRE


When I met Gen, she was processing rolls for the au courant devotees of Melbourne’s film shooting community from the original roller door Independent Australian Photo Lab. A talented young human with an eye for capturing the fleeting gems peppered in moments of stillness. Gen had these Rusty flares with an orange hi-vis speed stripe, and she wore them like nobody else could, uniquely and unassuming. Genevieve’s photographs are like her Rusty jeans; Soft and considered, with an idiosyncratic flair. They gently command your attention and converse with you from the inside, leaving you to mull in warm tones as relaxed as the subjects embellished within.

Gen currently calls home The Red Centre in Central Australia, steeping in the humidity in and around Alice Springs. Her Twelve Frames were shot here in the hues of persistent sunlight. Capturing the arid air of the Australian desert, Gens photos are awash with red dust, a Red Moora and the seemingly endless golden hour.

Take some time out and soak up Twelve Frames with Genevieve Walshe.


Full Name:

Genevieve Walshe

Home-town: Geelong, Victoria

Instagram: @genevvieve


In your own words, what do you do?

Lots of things! Mainly trying to do somewhat interesting things with my 24 hours each day or just stare into space, which is still kind of interesting.


What are you working on right now?

Right now I’m working on what to focus on working on.


When did you shoot the roll?

I shot this roll over a few months, I think from around June till August.


Where did you shoot the roll?

Alice Springs, Northern Territory and surrounding areas.



Genevieve Walshe


Take a frame at first light

First light of my day, not the days day. Late start in other words.



Genevieve Walshe


Shoot your favourite tree

I go past this tree almost every day and it always looks somewhat whimsical to me.



Genevieve Walshe


Take a self-portrait outside

In the middle of all the things in my backyard



Genevieve Walshe


Shoot a space you feel creative in

This ones more about making a space to be creative in. I wanted to be outside but felt like I should try to have good posture at the same time. So this is what I did.



Genevieve Walshe


Shoot the weather

The weather doesn’t change too much up here, warm and sunny every day. I haven’t seen it rain yet at this point.



Genevieve Walshe


Photograph someone you love

Something I love – Food. 10 and 6 are interchangeable because I love the things/people that make me happy and vice versa.



Genevieve Walshe


Shoot a stranger

I had never met the iconic Australian Desert Pea before spring rolled around.



Genevieve Walshe


Shoot your backyard

Always good washing weather = always washing on the line.



Genevieve Walshe


Shoot the contents of your bag

This is the contents of my bag.



Genevieve Walshe 12 Frames


Something that makes you happy

Angels that also happen to be my friends.



Genevieve Walshe


Shoot the last light

Would you like it if it was always sunset?



Genevieve Walshe


Shoot yourself before bed

This one didn’t work out. (So instead we put together a trio of the superb extra frames from Gen’s roll.)




Thank you for reading Twelve Frames with Genevieve Walshe. You can enjoy the rest of the stories in this series here.




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