“We’re All Going to Die”, Stefan told me; It was the name of a project he was working on. On paper, those words can be taken any number of ways, and that’s all part of one’s creative interpretation. Once you’ve seen Stefan or even a truthful portrait of him, you’ll know that this human beams genuine positivity in a realist manner right out his of sun-seeking eyeballs. He’ll tell you a little about the WAGTD project and how he hopes to instil a desire to get the very best out of what we’ve got.

Stefan is as adept at wielding a camera as he is his pearly whites, so naturally, his Twelve Frames are quite brilliant. Have a glimpse into a day of living before dying with the 100% purebred legend below.



Stefan Hunt

Age: 30
Website: stefanhunt.com
Instagram: @stefan_hunt  |  @wereallgoingto


In your own words, what do you do?

I try to live the most creative life I can ‘cuz someday I’m gonna die. Every time I shower my brain churns out 400 new ideas. Too many ideas and not enough time is my challenge. The older I get the better I am at deciding which ones to pursue. I used to only direct films but realised there are so many other creative forms that excite me so I’m constantly trying to combine them all into new projects. Through everything, I make my goal to inspire positive social change. I know that sounds maybe too general or too ambitious but my Mum says “try to leave the world better than you found it” and I try to always create with that in mind.


What are you working on right now?

Besides commercial directing to pay the bills, I started a project last year called “We’re All Going To Die”. The project uses film, photography, art, performance, poetry and immersive experience to empower people to fear less and live more. Everyone is held back by fear in some way – The fear of failure, rejection, judgement, the unknown – and I‘ve found the sooner you talk about it and show a little vulnerability the sooner you realise you’re not alone. We’re human. Imperfect beings full of flaws and an ego that won’t let us show our true selves. I want to use art to combat that because life is short and after all – we’re all going to die. www.wereallgoingto.com


When did you shoot the roll?

April 2018


Where did you shoot the roll?

Tokyo, Japan


Twelve Frames with Stefan Hunt


Take a frame at first light



Twelve Frames with Stefan Hunt


Tree of the day



Twelve Frames with Stefan Hunt


Take a self-portrait outside



Twelve Frames with Stefan Hunt


Shoot a space you feel creative in



Twelve Frames with Stefan Hunt


Shoot the weather



Twelve Frames with Stefan Hunt


Photograph someone you love – Vanessa.



Twelve Frames with Stefan Hunt


Shoot a stranger



Twelve Frames with Stefan Hunt


Shoot your backyard



Twelve Frames with Stefan Hunt


Shoot yourself before bed



Twelve Frames with Stefan Hunt


Shoot the contents of your bag



Twelve Frames with Stefan Hunt


Shoot something that makes you happy



Twelve Frames with Stefan Hunt


Take a frame at last light




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