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12 Frames

Twelve Frames With Tom Wolff

Twelve Frames With Tom Wolff — The latest roll to come in the mail from Gobe's Twelve Frames project. 

Tom Wolff|Lennox Head

Developing Forgotten Memories With The Rescued Film Project

There's nothing instant about The Rescued Film Project and their work. Developing film that has been lost for decades and bringing forgotten memories to life is a slow and delicate practice planted firmly in another time.

Caitlin Hennesy|Paris

Shooting the Surf with Anrielle Hunt

Lady slider and ocean-dwelling photographer Anrielle has a chat with Gobe in our ongoing conversation with our favourite female surf photographers.

Anrielle Hunt|Australia

Origins of Travel Photography

Delve into the intriguing history of travel photography, and discover how early photographers captured images of their travels.

Amanda Breakwell|United Kingdom
12 Frames

Twelve Frames with Ming Nomchong

Welcome to the first issue of Twelve Frames, a project that asks a broad range of creatives from all over the world to share a little insight into a day in their lives.

Ming Nomchong|Australia

A Tender Love Letter to Byron Bay.

A floating collection of heartfelt sentiment accompanying a visual essay. A gentle reminder to submerge yourself in the ocean as much as you can.

Isabel Sasse |Australia

Crossing the Gobi Desert to Meet a Camel.

Alejandro Llop typed a sentence in Google one day that ultimately led him across the Gobi Desert in Mongolia and changed his way of seeing.

Alejandro Llop|Spain
Best of the best

Getting Lost in Japan

Take a walk through the maze of tiny streets and wondrous lights of Japan with Chris Mongeau.

Chris Mongeau|United States
Best of the best

Solitude and the Desert With Luca Tombolini

Luca Tombolini shares some insight into his process and the motivation behind his surreal desert-scapes and pastel washed scenes from across the globe.

Luca Tombolini  |Italy

The Quest for Winter Light.

A journey from the lakes of Hallstatt to the mighty Dolomites with Harrison Candlin.

Harrison Candlin|Australia