See the photographs that stood out from the 60,000 entries into this year’s Nature Conservancy Global Photo Contest.
Words by Caitlin Hennessy


The past year the word ‘nature’ has become somewhat of a buzz topic, enticing more advocates and photographers to join the movement of conservation. This year’s number of entries to the Nature Conservancy Global Photo Contest broke the charity’s record with 60,000 separate contenders from over 100 countries.


Sub-categories of water, people and nature, wildlife, landscape and cities, and nature, created an incredible context for the imagery in the photo prize. Showcasing the immense beauty that our earth holds, each award-winning image provides a new insight into the enormity and power of nature.


© Camille Briottet/TNC Photo Contest 2018

© Camille Briottet


Founded in 1951 The Nature Conservancy began the competition to raise awareness and “conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends.” The winning image depicts two stallions playing in the water of Camargue, France. Photographer Camille Briottet described the image as ‘the power of the animal kingdom.’


© Paul Zizka


The other twelve shortlisted photographs provide varying insights into the fragility of the Earth’s environment. Runner-up prize-winner Andre Mercier shot an eerie glacier that recently broke off from the Vatnajokull Glacier at Jokulsarlon Bay, Iceland, imprinting a contextual reflection of chilling global warming statistics.


“Plastic was once worshipped, now it destroys everything we love. Nature connects us all, we have a duty to protect her.”


© Andre Mercier/TNC Photo Contest 2018

© Andre Mercier

© Aristo Risi/TNC Photo Contest 2018

© Aristo Risi


A similarly home hitting image photographed by Australian Aristo Risi shows a plastic bag floating in the waters of Shell Harbour. In the artist statement, Risi provides insight into the context of the plastic. “Plastic was once worshipped, now it destroys everything we love. Nature connects us all, we have a duty to protect her.”


© Jesse Yang/TNC Photo Contest 2018

© Jesse Yang


“Nature will always reclaim what we abandon.”

In a contrast to the shocking factual imagery of global warming and plastic awareness is one of Mother Nature triumphing and proving its extraordinary power. Shot in the United Arab Emirates by American photographer Jesse Yang, ‘Reclamation,’ reveals a house seemingly engulfed in raw sand. “The eeriness of exploring this ghost town in the United Arab Emirates went away after an hour or so of exploring. But, I still felt uneasy about entering some of these ‘homes.’ It felt like I was trespassing, so I tried being oddly respectful. The Arabian Desert obviously didn’t feel the same way, reminding me that nature will always reclaim what we abandon.”


© Roberto Moccini Formiga/TNC Photo Contest 2018

© Roberto Moccini Formiga


You can view the rest of the winners and read more about the photo contest over here.



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