Cultural Binge: An Exhibition From Jacob Boylan and Adam Oste.

Jacob Boylan invites us to an art show that takes a look at Australian culture through photographic screenprints and collage works.

Jacob Boylan     |     AUSTRALIA


Event Details

Name: Cultural Binge
What: Art Exhibition
Where: Byron School of Art
Date: 16/03 – 28/03
Time: Opening night 6-8pm


Jacob Boylan is a Byron Bay based local legend who makes striking and intriguing collage works that slowly draw you in and ultimately demand your attention. Somewhere under the multiple layers lies an honest and raw interpretation of the world Jacob views around him.

Jacob has collaborated with another talented young local, painter Adam Oste, on a show opening tonight, titled “Cultural Binge”.
I had a brief yarn with Jacob about this show, his process and motivations.


Jacob Boylan


G’day Jacob, can you tell us a little about the show’s concept and how it was conceived?

The show is a collaboration between myself and my dear friend Adam Oste. I have always found that we share very similar interests and ask a lot of the same questions, even though we make quite different work and are quite different people. I hadn’t had a “proper” show up in Byron Bay since moving here nearly four years ago and thought it was about bloody time.


What can we expect from the images and works in the show?

A lot of juxtaposition, visually, between mine and Adam’s work. Adam has this incredible way of capturing a mood and a feeling in his paintings, while mine, on the other hand, is quite ‘punch in the face’, and often banal. Hopefully, though, the works will make you think a bit.


In your words, please tell us what you do.

I do my best to interrogate, poke fun at, or be frustrated at the world I live in through art and music.


Cultural Binge


At what age did you start making artworks and what was it that sparked this passion?

Probably when I was about 15 I got really into drawing. I used to copy drawings from books I had by the tattoo artist Angelique Houtkamp. I also used to copy Ozzy Wright’s drawings from surfing magazines. The passion really kicked off though studying art theory and history toward the end of high school.


You use several mediums to make up your finished works, what is a typical process for a piece?

I collect a lot of old Australiana books and paraphernalia, particularly based around sport. I then either convert them into a college or put them on a silk screen and print them out. I try and put as little of my own “style” into it as possible. I like to see it as a process of curating and presenting, letting the images talk for themselves.


What gets you up in the morning? And what’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

My girlfriend usually, and I give her a big smooch.


Who or what are some inspirations, artists or otherwise?

Old geezers at the pub are a good inspiration. The main artists that inspire me are John Baldessari, Tony Albert and Richard Prince.

I recommend you make some time to get to The Byron School of Art from tonight until March 28th to see the works in the flesh.


Video by Joey Jargon.

As well as having solid taste in music, Jacob yells out loud some poignant and honest truths onstage with Miniskirt, the very best loud noise Byron Bay has spawned. I asked for three songs that soundtrack Jacob’s life at the moment, enjoy.


Jacob Boylan. 23 years old. Based in Byron Bay. Find him on Instagram @jacobmandude