Pyongyang and Back Again with Nicole Reed

Australian photographer Nicole Reed has an incredible eye for captivating travel photography and a deep passion for architectural photography. So when she was approached to collaborate on a photo book capturing the hotels of North Korea, she couldn’t believe it.


The Fish That Built Lofoten

Chris Mongeau realised a life long dream by visiting Norway's Lofoten Islands during peak fishing season. Shooting on his Leica M4 was a lesson in slowing down and opened his eyes to sea-forged traditions, and rekindled his love for experiencing different ways of life.


Lanzarote to the Sahara — Searching For Frames in North Africa With Todd Clare

Todd Clare is a landscape photographer from Byron Bay Australia. His works are still, deep and as vivid as the lands they’re captured in. Dance through the desert and volcanic island with a visual essay accompanying Todd’s travel diaries


Where Aspiring Professionals Should Be Looking for Clients in 2019

There's currently a greater demand for photography than ever before. But with endless competing photographers and routes to take, knowing where to hunt for your first client is a challenge. We've taken a brief look at new and tried-and-tested ways to secure your first paycheque.