About Christian G

Founder of Gobe, lover of photography, art and nature. Believes that the solution to all challenges lie within the natural world, we just need to open our eyes and hearts to see the answers.

Pyongyang and Back Again with Nicole Reed

Australian photographer Nicole Reed has an incredible eye for captivating travel photography and a deep passion for architectural photography. So when she was approached to collaborate on a photo book capturing the hotels of North Korea, she couldn’t believe it.


Conquering the Ghosts of Our Consumption

Despite reams of compelling data and supporting evidence from the scientific community, the vital message of climate change action is still being missed by huge numbers of people. Jack Parsons examines the important role photographers and artists play in our environmental crises and looks at how they can achieve what scientists cannot.


The Fish That Built Lofoten

Chris Mongeau realised a life long dream by visiting Norway's Lofoten Islands during peak fishing season. Shooting on his Leica M4 was a lesson in slowing down and opened his eyes to sea-forged traditions, and rekindled his love for experiencing different ways of life.