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Dino Kužnik

Dino Kužnik

Why we love Dino

Muted tones with pops of colour and brilliant use of light conjure a stunning nostalgia that transports the viewer to a different time. His ability to capture cinematic scenes effortlessly flows through landscapes, street photography, and documentary work. We hope his work inspires you as much as it does the Gobe team.

Who is Dino Kužnik?

Dino Kužnik is a New York based photographer, originally from Slovenia. He uses photography as a medium to immortalise scenes that are aesthetically unique, with an emphasis on colour and composition. Solitude is a driving factor behind Dino's personal work. It reflects a peaceful state of mind, one only attainable after total immersion within the environment he works in.

Follow Dino on Instagram @ dinokuznik to see his latest work.