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      With every Gobe product purchased trees are planted in areas most affected by deforestation.

      As of November in 2019 we’ve become the sole sponsor of a site in Madagascar called Morangobe which employs 43 families but was at risk of being shut down due to a sudden loss of funding. We’ve committed to planting 100,000 trees per month in Morangobe to ensure restoration can continue there. Any additional trees are spread across our planting sites in Indonesia, Nepal, Haiti and Mozambique.

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CPL Polarizing Filter ▲


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About the product


Cut the glare. Get more vibrant.

The removal of haze and reflections will give your photos colour enhancement, contrast and details that you would have otherwise missed.

  • Designed for the weather

    The Gobe CPL 1Peak filter can withstand salty water, extreme wind, dust and other abrasive conditions and elements.

  • 99.9% polarization rate

    For superb anti-reflection capabilities. Removes glare and increases saturation without affecting the colour balance.

  • Lifetime replacement

    At Gobe we stand by each product with a lifetime warranty.

Absorb rays of sunshine

The Gobe polarizing filter absorbs the light that is directly reflected towards your camera, known as diffused light.

Rotating the CPL will allow you to find the best angle to filter the diffused light. Helping you achieve greater colour saturation, contrast and remove reflections.

The filter factor will vary according to how the filter is rotated and it’s orientation to the sun.

  • Premium optical glass

    Made with Japanese optical glass and coated with 12 layers of Gobe’s ultra-nano coating for extra sharpness.

  • Ultra-slim profile

    All Gobe lens filters have an ultra-slim rim, to avoid vignetting on wide angle lenses.

  • Magnalium framing

    Durable frame made from extra tough magnalium which prevents jamming.

Technical information


Filter Grade ▲ (entry level)
Square Filter Size No
Filter Type Polarized
Type Circular Polarizer Filter
Optics Japan Optics
Ultra-nano coating 12 Layers
Grade ▲ Level Circular Polarizer
Density N/A
Filter Factor Between 2.3 and 2.8 (approx. +1.3 stops)
Multi-Coated No
Rotating Yes
Effect Eliminates reflections and enhances colors without affecting the overall color balance
Application Shooting outdoors, particularly around water and in the mountains
Color Temperature N/A
Construction Magnalium frame with optical glass
Thread Pitch 0.75mm
Warranty Lifetime Replacement


Customer Reviews (6)

SuperfilterReview by Koschi
Für meine brischkamera Lumix (Posted on 27/02/2019)
Just amazingReview by jacomedia0113
I was kind of scared to buy something this cheap for my photography and thought the reviews were by people not as interested into photography as I am. But I was completely wrong. This product is absolutely amazing like I cant even believe it. The contrast is perfect and the sharpness was still there. I thought the pictures were going to be un sharp but I was wrong again. This is the best use of my money like ever. If your on the verge of buying this, just get it. I love that this company also helps the environment. and I cant forget, the packaging in frickin sick too. (Posted on 31/01/2017)
CPL - Five StarsReview by Mr Giedrius Ravickas
Great packaging great product good image quality. (Posted on 11/04/2016)
Quality CPL for the priceReview by Giacomo
I chose this CPL filter to approach this field of photography without spending too much.
I am fully satisfied with the purchase because the product turns out to be of good quality and efficiently plays its role.
Tested with the lens - DX 35mm 1.8G (Posted on 02/04/2016)
Perfect!Review by P. D. Stevenson
Beautifully packaged and well made. The mount is very slim so will work at the 24mm end of the zoom lens and not clipping the corners of the frame, the action of the filter is also very smooth with no sticking points. First Class 5 Star (Posted on 25/03/2016)
Sehr guter FilterReview by Torsten
Ich habe diesen Filter für mein Fujinon Teleobjektiv gekuft. Ich nutze den Pol-Filter nur gelegentlich, also wird der Filter öfter mal gewechselt. Qualität der Filterfassung ist sehr gut, die optische Leistung auch. Eine klare Empfehlung. (Posted on 07/03/2016)

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To offer design solutions that improve the outdoor photography experience and ensure all our products cause the least amount of harm possible to the environment. Our conviction is that appreciation for the natural world will encourage conservation. We believe that business plays a pivotal role in developing a sustainable planet for all life.

Our ambition is to prove that business can be a driving force for positive environmental practice. We continually strive to have a direct and positive impact on the environmental crisis we undoubtedly face.

Currently we use minimal recyclable packaging & promote the wonders of the nature and with every product purchased 5 trees are planted in areas of severe deforestation. Our customers have already planted over 1,000,000 trees!

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