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Chiara Zonca

Chiara Zonca

Why we love Chiara

Otherworldly colours and brilliant framing in Chiara’s work implore you to slow down and meditate on the beauty of our natural world. Filmic inspirations weave narratives throughout her series and leave us yearning for more adventures in far away places with a camera in our hand. We hope her work inspires you as much as it does the Gobe team.

Who is Chiara Zonca?

Chiara Zonca is an artist currently living in Western Canada. Her mystical aesthetic evokes dreamy landscapes that seem to exist beyond time and place.

“I am interested in barren, mystical, untinged territories; places that challenge my perception of the earth until it becomes somewhere completely unfamiliar. The natural world is the main subject of my work, my intent is to investigate the passage of time on a higher scale than the human one.

After years living in a city and battling anxiety, my connection with nature has become a form of self-healing, a way to tap into my deeper thoughts.

Always a bit of a lone wolf, travelling alone somewhere remote instantly connects me with the landscapes I portray.

The concept of loneliness has often been perceived as negative by society. I think there is beauty to be found in solitude, an unparalleled connection with yourself and with the environment. As this bond grows, I realize I need to do more to protect nature and keep it wild the way I enjoy it. Eventually, I hope my work will inspire more people to seek solitude, enjoy wilderness and live sustainable, nature-friendly lifestyles as a result. I’d like my images to ultimately turn into a heartfelt argument for preserving nature.”

Chiara shoots with Gobe lens filters.

Follow Chiara on Instagram @shadowontherun and her film account @shadowonfilm