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Camera lens mount adapters add a dimension of flexibility and creative freedom to your photography. They're used to attach one camera make to another model of lens, thus allowing you to mix and match camera and lens brands to suit your needs and preferences. You'll find a great choice of lens adapters at Gobe, covering a wide range of models.

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Camera lens mount adapters

There are lots of reasons why you might wish to combine different brands of lens and camera together, with the use of a lens adapter. If you've bought a new camera model but want to keep hold of a faithful, much-loved lens, you may still be able to use it thanks to a lens adapter. It’s considerably more cost effective to use a lens adapter with your old favourites as opposed to buying a complete new lens kit, making lens adapters an inexpensive aid for many photographers. Essentially a fitted, threaded ring that easily attaches to a camera on one end and the lens on the other, lens adapters open up a new world of possibilities for the photographer. There are some things to consider before purchasing lenses adapters, however.

Brand awareness

Some lens brands aren't compatible with certain camera models, so always check to see if the two will partner together before buying a lens adapter. You can also combine different formats, such as full-frame, APS-C, Micro Four Thirds, and medium or large formats. It tends to be easier to move down from a larger format lens to a smaller format camera. To make life simple, our product descriptions detail the which lens adapters we sell to suit different lens and camera brands.

Camera functioning

Camera lens adapters disable the autofocus functioning of your camera, which means that your auto aperture control and infinity focusing will no longer work. To remedy this, you'll need to adjust the settings manually. Some lens mount adapters offer electronic communications, so these functions will still work. With their affordability, versatility and simple usage, we stick to manual lenses adapters at Gobe, so once you've got your settings easily sorted, you're ready to get snapping.


There are lots of considerations to make when choosing lens adapter rings, including what type of lens you like working with, how you shoot and what you shoot. Whatever lens mount adapter you choose, an adapter made to high quality standards will ensure seamless connection of your camera and lens. The best lens adapters will be made from tough, durable materials so that you can easily switch different lenses on your camera as needed, ensuring both lens and camera threads and mounts are protected. At Gobe, you'll find that all of our lens adapter products are made from exceptionally sturdy brass and magnalium, so you won't need to worry about it letting you down when you're out and about shooting pictures or filming.