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Matt Cherubino

Matt Cherubino

Matt’s photos transport you, heart and soul, into his adventures. His hunger to experience the world with intense wild abandon sets him on a collision course with places of wonder and beauty. A willingness to abandon the frequented for the unpredictable brings about images of ingenuous originality.

Above all else Matt is driven by happiness. He bases everything he does on the enjoyment he gets from it and his work is a shining example of doing things for the right reasons.

He has a passionate connection with nature that is amplified by his ability to live in the moment. Matt’s dreams don't fester; he turns them into a living reality and then shares them with the world through his stunning photos.

The exciting thing about Matt is that at such a young age he is already inspiring thousands to experience the wonders of the natural world – thousands more soldiers in the fight to protect these places.

Matt shoots with Gobe memory cards and Gobe lens filters.