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    • Reward Points 5 trees will be planted with the purchase of this item.

      With every Gobe product purchased trees are planted in areas most affected by deforestation.

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"The Essentials" Filter Kit ▲▲


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About the product


Many filters. One stack.

Innovative compact storage design reduces weight and saves space in your camera bag while providing robust protection for your filters.

All the elements

Cotton Bag

Filter Caps

Cleaning Cloth

Kraft Tube


With the purchase of this product 5 trees will be planted in areas devastated by deforestation.

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Technical information


Filter Grade ▲▲ (mid level)
Square Filter Size No
Filter Type Mixed Stack
Type UV (ultra-violet), CPL (circular polariser), ND8 (neutral density 8), ND1000 (neutral density 1000)
Optics Japan Optics
Ultra-nano coating 16 Layers
Grade N/A
Density N/A
Filter Factor N/A
Multi-Coated Yes
Rotating Yes
Effect See description of each filter
Application Original compact storage design reduces weight and saves space in your camera bag while providing robust protection for your filters
Color Temperature N/A
Construction Magnalium frame with optical glass
Thread Pitch 1mm
Warranty Lifetime Replacement


Customer Reviews (2)

Must-have Filter KitReview by Eileen
I ordered the Essentials-Kit for my Fujifilm X-T2 and I am very happy with it!

The filters can absolutely compete with those of well-known (and more expensive!) Manufacturers and they are even better. Even in difficult light conditions, no disturbing flares or shadows can be found on the photos and the filters consistently work sovereignly. The thread of all filters can easily be screwed onto the Fujinon XF18-55mm and they are matching perfectly. What I liked a lot too was the very fast and helpful customer service. They really try everything to help you and (in my case strongly stacked filter caps) they replaced the item immediately.

I've already tried several filters from other manufacturers on my old Canon 5D Mark II but in my opinion here you get the best price-performance ratio.

Alltogether I am very excited about the products, concept and the customer service of Gobe. I would definitely buy again!

(Posted on 2018-05-11)
Great set of filtersReview by Lloyd ( Port Alberni, BC Canada)
I have just received the filters I had ordered, I ordered the (Essential filters kit) as well as a ND64 filter. I have to say I am most impressed with how fast I got them, but most of all the overall quality of them, the ND64 came in a tin can that is well made and its lined with form rubber…a big difference from any other filters I have ever bought in the past from other makers! I have yet to try them out as it is November and well Canada being what it is, its not so much cold as it “wet” but then when you live on the west coast often referred to as the wet coast what can you expect when you live in a area that is all rain forest. I am dying to try them out as soon as the heavy rains let up some….with luck next week I hope. I guess my only wish would be that I would have a tin cans just like what the ND64 filter came in so that I could pick the filter I want use. Oh well I guess you can not have everything…but it would have been nice. Camera is Canon 6D with 24-105mm F:4L lens

(Posted on )

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