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Diversity makes the world a better place

As a growing company, we want to show that business can be a tool for positive change – both environmentally and culturally. That is why we aim to create an inclusive and flexible workspace and community that supports everyone to reach their full potential and creates opportunities for groups that may be disadvantaged.

Our commitment

We recognise the value of people with different backgrounds, experience and perspectives. Welcoming these differences helps us be more productive and inclusive and drives innovation and creativity to better serve our customers and communities.

We recognize and respect qualities that are unique to each member of our team including cultural background, gender identity, disability, sexual orientation, age, and religion.

Gobe does not tolerate unlawful discrimination, harassment, workplace bullying or victimisation in the workplace. Each and every one of us takes responsibility for fostering diversity and inclusion and treating each other with mutual respect.

Areas of Focus

We are committed to a culture that embraces and fosters diversity and inclusion across all levels of the business. We will achieve this by eliminating stigma and creating a culture of inclusion through the promotion of education, awareness and mutual understanding.

Gobe’s diversity goals include:

  • ● Gender Balance – to maintain strong representation of women in senior leadership roles and throughout all teams.
  • ● Pay Equity – to ensure that employees doing work of equal value receive equal pay.
  • ● Multiculturalism – to create a workplace that reflects our multicultural society and value the experiences of people from all backgrounds.
  • ● People with Disability – To create a culture that is respectful, inclusive and accessible to people with disability including employees and customers
  • ● Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) Inclusion – to create a culture that fosters workplace inclusion for all LGBTI people.
  • ● Age - to create a culture that values the contributions of all generations.

Principles We Apply

To achieve a diverse and inclusive workplace, we apply the following principles:

We create inclusive environments, based on respect

We create inclusive environments, based on respect. We encourage a range of ideas, perspectives and styles - know there is more than one right way to do things. We challenge the status quo and speak up about inappropriate comments or behaviour.

Leadership is the key to an inclusive culture

Our leaders visibly support and drive our culture based on mutual respect. We value the unique contributions of each person, recognize our biases and assumptions, and drive change to ensure diverse teams can succeed.

Diversity is about getting the best talent

We embrace the diversity of thought and capability brought by people of differing cultural backgrounds, gender, age, ability, experiences and perspectives. As a business, we recognize the need to capitalize on the skills and talents of all parts of our diverse community and reflect the market place in which we operate.

Incorporating diversity into our supply chain makes good business sense

We will secure quality products and services and achieve value for money through commercial relationships with suppliers from diverse communities. By tapping into a diverse supplier base, enables us to find out about new ideas, apply different approaches, and gain access to additional solutions that respond to our customer needs. We advocate for change and engage with our communities

We engage with our local communities and seek change by supporting and uplifting the voices and creative work of people from all backgrounds. We stand in solidarity with people of colour and all backgrounds.