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58mm CPL Polarizing Filter ▲▲▲


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The Gobe 58mm CPL ▲▲▲ is the perfect filter for cutting through ocean glare as well as capturing beautifully defined clouds. It allows you to look through the water surface on the river and reduces the glare from glacial peaks while providing a rich blue sky.

  • German SCHOTT Optics Glass with almost zero light distortion
  • 16-layer Multi-Coated technology significantly reducing lens flare and ghosting
  • Ultra slim rim profile to avoid vignetting on wide angle lenses, while maintaining rotation capabilities to adjust polarization levels
  • Ideal for colour enhancement and contrast while maintaining overall colour balance
  • Polarization rate of 99.9% for superb anti-reflection capabilities
  • Extra tough Magnalium frame ensuring great durability and jamming prevention

All Gobe Lens Filters comply with RoHS Environmental Standards.

Additional Info


Filter Grade ▲▲▲
Type Circular Polarizer Filter
Grade Professional Circular Polarizer
Density N/A
Filter Factor Between 2.3 and 2.8 (approx. +1.3 stops)
Multi-Coated Yes
Rotating Yes
Effect Eliminates reflections and enhances colors without affecting the overall color balance
Application Shooting outdoors, particularly around water and in the mountains
Color Temperature N/A
Construction Aluminum frame with multi coated German SCHOTT optical glass
Warranty Lifetime Replacement


Customer Reviews (8)

First rate CPL filterReview by Alessandro N
I recently bought this polarizer for my 50mm. Simply fantastic. I can report phenomenal price quality, I recommend it to everyone. It came a few days after purchasing it. (Posted on 3/29/2016)
Eco-Friendly Filter For 20-30% LessReview by Raijin Photo
GOBE 77mm CPL Filter Review

The GOBE 77mm CPL filter is a great filter that brings out more contrast and color to your photos during bright periods of the day. Not only is the filter made of higher quality 16-layer coated German glass, it also helps to darken background of bright photos; it helps the camera sensor to provide more detail and contrast.

Keys Benefits:
- 16-layer German glass to cut down on chromatic aberrations, flare & haze.
- Easy to clean (Anti-Scratch, Water Repellent, Oil & Dust Resistant)
- Cost 20-30% less than competitors while not sacrificing quality.
- Brings out more contrast to photos while adding a hint more color during bright days.

Key Disadvantages:
- First time you add the filter to your camera, the filter may need to be seated properly in the threads. After you attach it correctly the first time, the threads will be set, making it easier for every time after.

GOBE also donates 1% of their profit to 1% for the Planet to non-profit orgs that help with environmental restoration and protection. GOBE also uses environmentally friendly packaging and labels that are recyclable. The plastic case uses less plastic while protecting your filter as well. Gobe is now planting trees with every purchase a fantastic initiative; empowering customers to join the environmental revolution! see their website for more details! mygobe.com

See sample photos for more information. Sample photo shooting info: Nikon D7000, Tokina 11-16 DX II lens @ 11mm, ~5pm sunset in Honolulu, Hawai’i @ISO 200, F2.8/, 1/640sec (Posted on 3/25/2016)
Great CPL filterReview by Michele
Australian company that uses German Schott Glass for this CPL. A robust filter with nothing plasticky, excellent lens that polarizers well and is useful in many types of photography, also highly recommended for the price :) (Posted on 3/23/2016)
Very good workmanship and beautiful resultReview by Etzen
Gobe ​​CPL filter 58mm

In the packaging, the filter is very well protected.

The filter can be easily and simply screwed onto the lens. The result is impressive. When taking pictures from the lake or river, you don't get these unsightly reflections. The results look very natural and you get the desired ND effect with this filter. The workmanship is very good and no imperfections are visible. (Posted on 3/18/2016)
Great to filter the reflections of light on the seaReview by Lorenzo Callerio
I used it on my Canon lens to photograph a long exposure and a seascape in Liguria.
Excellent results, no glare or flare and max sharpness.
The package is very convenient and protective for the filter.
I won't go to the sea or in the mountains without it ever again. Thanks Gobe ! (Posted on 3/16/2016)
5 stars because the whole concept is right!Review by Marc Bächtold
Note: The delivery was very quick and everything was neatly packed as it should be!

I use the filters on the 16-35mm with the A7RII Sony ( 72mm )
-The Filters feels very high quality, which becomes especially noticeable when turning!
-The Filter is approximately the same narrow (minimal rim) as of the competition I had for my 77mm already. Vignetting are recognizable now and then, but so light that they can be corrected without any problem by EBV or already by the dynamic optimization on the camera.
- Glare Or reflections, I have not been able to detect .

I do not know what could be better, therefore, for 50 € a strong buy recommendation (Posted on 3/10/2016)
It does its job very wellReview by Blek
The German Optical Glass is as good as it gets. The construction and housing quality are excellent and takes stunning pictures outdoors with the sun. If you know how to use it can obtain excellent pictures, otherwise acts as well as remove - reflections, when turning the dial you can change the reflection of light on objects, it is very useful when you want to photograph a pond by contrasting all of the magnificent colours. Absolutely recommended (Posted on 3/7/2016)
German QualityReview by Jean Claude Grouard
I took this circular polarizer for my Canon 70-200 / 4 L IS. It is easy to screw and unscrew with the metal used .

The rim has a slim profile but I still can mount its lens cap on.

The box is nice but if we throw the cardboard packaging, it has no indication of the type and the filter diameter. Overall, i'm very pleased with this CPL. (Posted on 2/22/2016)
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