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How to use a CPL filter

Before we get onto the ways in which you could use a CPL filter and the situations best suited to it, let’s run through a couple of the [...]

Breathtaking Iceland Images by Will Patino

Here we have Gobe ambassador William Patino, say hi William.. “Hi”. William is an awesome photographer who travels around the world [...]

23 Tips for Outdoor Photography

A nice little list of things to think about when you are next capturing images outdoors! 1. Take your time, open your mind to your surrounds and [...]

Frank Hurley a Pioneer Adventure Photographer

Frank Hurley’s lifetime of awe-inspiring adventure photography began with the two ingredients necessary for any good adventure photographer, an [...]

A photographers dream: South Island, NZ

Photographer Mark Clinton on South Island, New Zealand. What made you want to go New Zealand? This was actually my 4th time back to NZ however in [...]

Outdoor Photography Trip: The Peruvian Andes

Home to 20 peaks over 6000m Peru’s Cordillera Blanca is the world’s highest tropical mountain range, forming a barrier between the Pacific and [...]

How to protect your images & videos while travelling

There are countless horror stories of people losing their photos while traveling. All your ‘stuff’ – camera, computer, beach [...]

The Atacama desert: photographers wonderland

For almost 2 years Christian Gibson and I lived in a van searching for Latin America’s most spectacular wilderness. Although having enjoyed some [...]